Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A visit from our daughter & a trip to visit Zakir's family

We  had the pleasure to have Morgan, Andrew, and our two grand daughters come to Ethiopia.  We Traveled up to Addis Ababa to greet them at the airport

We spent a couple of days there before traveling back to the farm by road to have them experience the countryside. 

Waiting impatiently for our Charcoal Tibs at a restaurant along the way

Having a walk with grandma as our tire was being fixed

After a long 18 hr. drive we finally arrived at the farm. 
Those at the farm were excited to see our family.

 We were curious of how our grand daughters might react to the local people with their different features from those in small town Idaho, but as you can see they adapted very well

Morgan being given an anatomy lesson from Zakir

We promised Zakir that we would travel to Beltu to meet his family

Being greeted by Zakir's Mother and Father

It was special to receive a warm welcome from Zakir and his family  

Zakir's Family

We were led inside to where Zakir sleeps at night and served some fresh fruit while we waited for his mother to give us a very honored meal of goat tibs that they slaughtered for this special occasion. 

The walls were decorated with famous sayings

 Zakir's family is Muslim and his father has two other wives who live apart from each other.  This is very common in Ethiopia.  He usually lives with his third wife in another village but did not want to miss the opportunity to visit with the "forenjis".  I have learned that Zakir does not see his father often and Shelley and I have gained a lot of respect for his mother and of what she has accomplished in raising a fine young man and providing for her family much on her own.

Morgan and Andrew put together a great video of our trip to visit Zakir's family that you must watch.

This was very memorable for us and we get a little emotional every time we watch. We appreciate the opportunity to visit Zakir's family and especially to share the moment with our daughters' family. It was a very good day.